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Threaded rods

The threaded rod : the heart of our business

IBF manufactures threaded rods in stainless steel, cut to length , and in the exact quantities requested by our clients. Their diameter may vary from 2 to 100mm and lengths from 10mm to 3 metres !

These sections of threaded rod are systematically chamfered and their extremities are precision machined (finished with a cutting tool), making them finished and attractive, an undeniable advantage for parts which will be visible.

Cold stamping is available on one or both ends of the part : A4-80, B8M...

The threaded rods are always cleaned (without solvents) and packed in either standard boxes or according to client specifications, with standard or personalised labels (article reference n°, run n°, bar code, etc….).

Our experience in working stainless steel means that IBF is able to manufacture threaded rods in many different grades of stainless steel, and for all the mechanical characteristics that you require.

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