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French Know-How

A French manufacturer of stainless steel threaded rods, INOX BOUTS FILETES (I.B.F.) is a company of human dimensions which is proud of its know-how.

In our workshops in Belley (01, France) we produce, threaded rods which are cut to the lengths required by our clients, as well as threaded tie bars, studs, screws and many other parts with a threaded component.

From single parts to serial production : the ability to produce elaborate and complex parts with an optimum response time.

Our comprehensive production platform, specifically dedicated to the manufacture of threaded parts, allows us flexibility of production and the responsiveness to ensure the delivery of your parts within very short deadlines, particularly essential for repairs onsite.

Our stock of raw materials - constantly replenished in all the standard diameters and grades - associated with our production methods which promote quick response times, allow us to rapidly produce all required amounts : from single parts to serial production.

We accompany our threaded parts all other screw fasteners needed for their integration in a structure : screws, nuts, washers, so that you may obtain, with just one order, all the assembly elements that you require..
All these elements can, on request, be degaussed (and a degaussing certificate will be provided).

Our in-company traceability allows us, of course, to provide you with the corresponding materials certificates (quality certificate CCPU 3.1, chemical analysis, mechanical characteristics) for all our products.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is characterised by its resistance to corrosion AND its mechanical resistance – these are two concepts that it is important to separate.

Most common steel is grouped into two main families known as A2 and A4, which indicates their resistance to corrosion.
IBF constantly maintains a stock of these two families in all diameters : we posses grades such as 304, 304L, 316, 316L.

Other, more developed steels are also part of our standard manufacture : 316 Ti, 904L, Duplex, A193 B8 et B8M, aluminium bronze, etc...

For mechanical resistance - and over and above standard resistance of 50 daN/mm² (commonly known as 50 kilos) - IBF offers higher resistances : 70 and 80 daN/mm² (70 and 80 kilos). Contact us regarding diameters.

Our scope

All sectors known for an aggressive environment which justifies fixtures in stainless steel :

Building industry, petro-chemical industries, transmission of electricity, marine environment, wind farms, external or buried fittings...

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