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Anchor rods

Fixing bars : one of IBF’s specialities

Anchor rods, or fixing bars, are used to fix structural elements (metallic or wooden) in the ground or to a wall. For example; building frames , pylons,
aerial masts, wind turbine masts, lampposts, advertising hoardings, etc.

Generally made of A4 steel or A4-80, these highly technical parts have,
in the last few years, become one of IBF’s specialities, and we are able to manufacture :

For the buried extremity :
A smooth square cut face, or a 45° bias cut, or a double bias cut giving
a 90° point.

For the upper extremity :
A square cut face (with or without slot for screwdriver), a hexagonal head which allows a nut to be screwed on, or any other form of head according
to plan (see photo below).

For the depth indicator which allows the installer to know how far
to bury the rod :

A traditional machine tooled groove, or a painted mark, or – and this is an innovation from IBF – the installation of a heat-shrinking plastic ring, the colour of which will help avoid errors of diameter and length on site.

We can also provide these rods in different steels and notably in HRC steel (High Resistance to Corrosion).

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