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Tie bars and Studs

Stainless steel tie bars and studs customised to your needs.

Tie bars are bars that are partly threaded at their ends which are primarily used to secure stacked parts.

Contrary to popular belief, it is more expensive to partially thread a rod than it is to thread the whole length as the processes used are not the same. A tie bar will therefore cost more than a rod which is threaded for its entire length !

The non-threaded central part of the bar can be :

At nominal diameter ; i.e. corresponding to the external diameter
of the thread.

For example a diameter of 10 for M10 – in this case the threading
is machine worked (removal of matter).

At the diameter of rolled threads, i.e. the average diameter of the threads.
For example a diameter of 8.97 for M10 – in this case the threading is cold-formed (rolled) with no swarf.

IBF can manufacture both these types of tie rod with most kinds of stainless steel.

After threading these rods can also be bent or machine worked according to your specifications - lengths of over 3 metres are possible. The rod can also be hollow, in which case we produce a threaded tube.

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